Wiley’s Magic Noodle House

In the third book of Wiley I introduce Wiley’s Magic Noodle House. A magical restaurant where Wiley runs wild expressing himself and making magic noodles. Recently I was having dinner in the Monteverde Beer House, here in Monteverde Costa Rica.  I was inspired by the art and feel of the restaurant. Art abounds and creates a very nice whimsical feel with several interesting counter top displays and art objects in every corner. I’ve been working on developing my background design creativity and searching out interesting real life scenery to incorporate into the Wileys book series. This illustration was fun and dedicated to my friends Uriel, Merav, and Edda who share their art and creativity in this amazing space.

Here are some additional close up detail of the illustration.

Original Image Source

Here you can see more of my process of how I worked from a photograph to create this new image.

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