Gnocchi Wiley

This is Wiley’s dog Gnocchi! He likes to eat raviolis for breakfast. Gnocchi is Wiley’s loyal side kick and faithful companion.

Additional Thoughts and Ideas:

I have another dog named Mocha who I will also be introducing to the story. A very sweet and loyal dog who lives with us here in Costa Rica. She belongs to our neighbor but whenever she hears or see’s our car drive through the town she begins chasing us. Now she has found our house and can be found many mornings waiting to come in and visit. Just today we left the door open and Mocha ran straight inside. She is the quintessential dog and many people in Monteverde will know her. She is free to roam and travel as she will. No leash… No master… FREEDOM, PEACE, and LOVE!

Coloring Sheet of Gnocchi:

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Time Lapse Video of Gnocchi:

Here is the time lapse video I made of Gnocchi being drawn. I love the color of the dog. 100% pasta all the way.

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That’s all for now. Please share any comments or ideas below. I’ll keep posting more as I draw it.



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